Critically Endangered Sea Snakes Sighted

Long thought to be extinct, 2 critically endangered sea snakes were currently discovered off the shoreline of Western Australia. None of the species had been witnessed “alive and healthy” for more than 15 years.

“This breakthrough discovery is really thrilling, we get one more chance to preserve these 2 endemic Western Australian sea snake species,” said the author of the research Blanche D’Anastasi. “But to be able to accomplish safeguarding them, we will have to examine populations and also carry out investigation into comprehending their chemistry and biology and the dangers they deal with.”

Critically Endangered Sea Snakes

Researchers from JCU verified that the short nose sea snake was observed on Ningaloo Reef and a sizable populace of leaf-scaled sea snakes was discovered close to Shark Bay. The two species are placed as Critically Endangered under Australia’s threatened species laws.

The great news is that the short nose snake was exhibiting courtship actions, recommending that it originated from a mating group, which provides new hope to conservationists.

Dr. Vimoksalehi Lukoschek declared that “clearly we have to recognize the key risks to their existence to be able to apply useful preservation techniques if we intend to guard these newly identified coastal populations.”