This Creative Short Film About Sharks Will Make You Realize their Importance

The lovely yet gloomy clip was filmed authored by Pascale Briançon and directed and modified by Julien Marckt and obtained the interest of worldwide shark conservation organizations. This creative short film about sharks will make you think about the misconception we have for them and the threat they are facing against humans.

‘I exist since the dawn of time. You were not here. I see you act, you are an impressive predator. I am not scared of you and yet you can lay me to waste. I know you are troubled by our meeting. Fascinated and terrified, I remain a mystery to you. Am I really a menace to the survival of your species? I am just a shark.’

Daniel Njo Lobé’s narrated the short film. It is sentimental and thought-provoking feedback and queries like these that place humans’ behavior into viewpoint.

Sharks’ Function in the Ocean waters. Sharks handle an important role in the deep seas in a manner that a typical fish will likely not. Sharks are in the top of the food chain in just about any section of every ocean. In this particular role, they maintain populations of other marine life healthy and in an appropriate percentage for their habitat.