Coral Reefs Protecting Lives and Property

The coral reef structures buffer shorelines against pursuing waves, storms, as well as floods, contributing to avoid death, property destruction, and erosion. If ever reefs are damaged or rather destroyed, the loss of this natural barrier definitely will maximize the problems on coastal areas from typical wave actions and violent storms.

More than one million individuals reside in U.S. coastal areas alongside or close to coral reefs. Certain coastal development is needed to create necessary infrastructure for coastal inhabitants along with the progressing coastal tourism business.

However, the effects of coastal development (e.g., marina, dock, and bridge construction, dredging to replenish beaches) and also contaminated overflow from coastal areas can possibly damage coral reefs in the long run. Thus, the health of the coral reefs is dependent upon environmentally friendly coastal development measures that defend vulnerable coral ecosystems with the species that inhabit in there.