Coral Jewelry Makes a Good Gift?

Corals have always been widely used as souvenirs, for home decoration, as well as in jewelry, but a majority of individuals are unaware that these kinds of amazing structures are produced by living organisms. Very few nonetheless are aware that corals are perishing at critical levels worldwide.

Coral reefs are amongst the most biologically abundant and economically significant ecosystems on this planet, yet they are endangered by an expanding selection of effects of mainly from the global climate change, the unsustainable fishing, and the pollution. Intense consumer demand for coral, increased over the holiday seasons, is one aspect that is bringing about the diminished coral reefs. Annually, the U.S. imports a great deal of dead coral for home decors and curious. Many of these corals are shallow-water creatures.coral jewelry 2

Commercial harvesting to fulfill the need for coral jewelry has decreased colony size, density, and even age composition of Corallium over the years. Harvesting is furthermore minimizing the reproduction efficiency among the species which is reducing its genetic diversity. Study shows that elimination of red and even pink corals for the worldwide jewelry and art industry is also resulting in scaled-down Corallium in the wild.

Corals develop very slowly, are incredibly long-lived, and require years to attain maturity. It needs corals decades or more time to build reef structures. Soon after coral is harvested├│especially when it is extracted at an early age├│surrounding coral beds frequently do not get back. That is the reason why it is far better to leave corals along with other aquatic life on the reef. Do not forget: corals have always been a gift. No need to offer them as presents.