Commercial vs. Recreational Fishing

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) made public a research report this month reviewing the economical data files of commercial vs. recreational fishing.

Making use of National Marine Fisheries Services 2011 economic data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the ASA report presents an “apples-to-apples comparison” of leisure and commercial salt water fishing. They discovered that from a monetary point of view, fun fishing is “just as vital” as commercial fishing, regardless of extreme distinctions in their influence on marine natural resources.Recreational Fishing

“The existing federal saltwater fisheries administration program has traditionally concentrated the great majority of its assets on the industrial field, when recreational fishing rests to possess just as important an economic effect on job opportunities and the nation’s overall economy,” explained ASA President and also Chairman Mike Nussman.

Listed here are a few of the important findings from the document:

Commercial fishing makes up 98% of almost all finfish landings as recreational fishing merely comprises of 2%
Saltwater landings by leisure anglers led 3 times a lot more to the federal GDP than commercial landings.

Leisure fishing uses a lot of people compared to commercial fishing — there have been 455,000 sporting work and 381,000 commercial careers.