Classic Cars at the Bottom of the Sea

This wreck might provide classic car fanatics a sinking sensation. Stuck beneath the surf is a chest of vintage British automobiles which were wasted when the shipping vessel transporting them was sunk in the 2nd World War.

The SS Thistlegorm sank after it had been bombed by 2 German airplanes in 1941.

The rusting 128-metre-long ship has lain 30 metres underneath the surface area of the Red Sea for 73 years.

Still enclosed within the rusting freight hold are an array of armed forces automobiles which were being carried by the vessel from Glasgow to Alexandria, Egypt.

British scuba diver Mark Harris investigated the well-known site.
He stated: ‘This dive was a peaceful one, so it provided me a little while for reflection.

The wreck was shed to the depths of the sea until it became apparent in 1956 by aquatic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau who spoke of diving the wreck partly of his own book, The Living Sea.

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