Can you Mix Scuba and Skydiving? These Folks Did!

Have you at one time considered jumping off a plane into the sea after which scuba diving? Well, it has been done already by these people. Take a look at the video of how they Mix Scuba and Skydiving below.

For those of you who thought of this as an awesome mixture of sports/activity, well sorry to tell you that this is a dangerous mix even for advanced divers. We don’t recommend you doing this at all. It is fun to watch and the idea is cool, but not worth risking your life.

Licensed divers get advised throughout their education about the hazards associated with scuba diving right after skydiving, but anyone who is just having an introduction dive seldom hears a thing relating to this. Troublesome, cause combining skydiving and scuba diving could be a fatal tropical combination.

The reducing threat for DCS between an absolutely no fly time of 12, 18 and also 24 hours shouldn’t be disregarded. For skydivers leaping from altitudes more than 8000ft it is strongly recommended to just¬†wait a minimum of 24 hours after scuba diving before going skydiving again. ¬†Ideally, maintain 1 day in the middle and drink sufficient water or other non-alcoholic beverages including.

You can check online about this topic before trying this mixture to give you a detailed explanation of the hazards of mixing skydiving and scuba diving.