Working out for scuba diving is vital for several health purposes along with lowering risks related to scuba diving such as decompression sickness. The best part is that scuba diving can be perfect for weight loss. But, is it really true that you can burn calories while scuba diving?

As outlined by PADI scuba divers can lose from 300 to 600 calories per hour or so while scuba diving. The calorie burn pace is because of the body’s capacity to thermoregulate. Consequently, appropriately, the calorie burn rate would depend tremendously on the temperature of the water wherein you are scuba diving.

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Lose weight by scuba diving

In case the thought of weight loss by scuba diving seems too good to be true, enjoy, simply because it is not. A lot of skilled scuba divers shed weight during the dive vacation season while not exchanging their lifestyle in different other means. Once I go on a dive journey, creating a number of daily dives, I usually return up to 5 pounds lighter in weight in just a week. Understanding that weight reduction comes regardless of consuming plenty of food — onboard food is normally abundant and tasty. Therefore yes, it can be possible, at least anecdotally, to shed weight by simply scuba diving.