Buck-Toothed and Beach-Building Creatures

They may not be the most beautiful marine creature, but the wacky parrotfish are among the most vital species on the whole tropical reef, with a few interesting secrets up their sleeves. In an episode of Borneo From Below, Bertie moves looking for these bucktoothed beauties, yet discovers they’re a bit tricky to get near to. In the daytime at least…

Usually vibrant coloured, about 60 species of parrotfishes frolic in the water in coral reefs all over the world. They possess joined teeth that shape beaklike plates, offering them a parrotlike look . They possess huge thick scales that, in a few species , are sufficiently strong enough to prevent a spear .

Parrotfishes generate tons of coral reef beach sand every year. The sand-making procedure commences as the fishes graze on the algal layer that expands on coral rocks. To consume the algae, the sea creatures chew on bits of coral. Molarlike teeth in their throats crush the coral, which next moves by means of their digestive systems and is transferred in the reef like white coral sand.