Breathtaking Underwater Images of a Model in the Dark Deep Ocean

An Emmy Award-winning marine professional photographer and cinematographer has caught a number of spectacular pictures of a model outfitted as a mermaid swimming and floating with the manta rays with the intention to increase consciousness regarding the animals’ endangerment and also potential upcoming extinction.

Shawn Heinrichs has launched his recent compilation of amazing shots, which observe model Hannah Fraser wearing sheer clothes and grooving submerged with the 3,600 lb animals in Hawaii at the middle of the night.
Through his awesome pictures, the marine conservationist looks for to link individuals with the susceptibility of marine life and provide them with a devotion for the risked species of sharks, mantas, dolphins, rays, and whales, that happen to be searched and marketed in black markets in lots of societies for their claimed therapeutic features.

They shot the breathtaking pictures in Kona, Hawaii, which started to be a worldwide pioneer in manta ray preservation after it pioneered laws and regulations to preserve the species from any specific exploitation.

See the amazing Breathtaking Underwater Images below.

mermaid swimming manta rays 1

mermaid swimming manta rays 2

mermaid swimming manta rays 3

mermaid swimming manta rays 4

mermaid swimming manta rays 5

mermaid swimming manta rays 6

mermaid swimming manta rays 7

mermaid swimming manta rays 8