Boy Fishes 100,000 Euros Out of the River

In a peculiar strike of fortune, a kid from Vienna, Austria was able to fish out a huge treasure coming from the River Danube. Those were €100 and €500 banknotes adding up a substantial 100,000 Euros!

The boy evidently saw the notes from beyond and leaped directly into the frosty cold water to recover them. Passersby, concerned that he was seeking suicide, instantly informed the law enforcement, who reached the spot the same as the boy was emerging with the cash. They afterwards dried up the wet notes with a garments dryer.

Initially, law enforcement assumed the €100,000 were fraudulent, and tossed in the waterway as a prank, however upon more detailed examination, they noticed the banknotes were authentic.

There’s a legislation in Austria that enables any person who found money and delivers it to the police forces to receive 5 to 10% of the amount, and retain the whole sum if the proper holder can never be found within 1 year. Unfortunately, the boy involved wasn’t awarded an opportunity to contact the police on his own, since the onlookers has done that for him. Therefore, it isn’t clear if he’ll be permitted to retain the cash or not.

Boy Fishes 100,000 Euros 2