One of a Kind Bioluminescent Beach in Maldives

This beach is covered with stars! An incredible view as you witnessed the stunning Bioluminescent phytoplankton, which glows whenever agitated. It may be present in many shores across the world, but it appears they’re situated more frequently in Maldives. The Bioluminescent Beach in Maldives is a must visit tourist destination if you are looking for something enchanting.

It seems that when a particular type of plankton is under stress it leads to the most stress-relieving views on earth, they produced blue glow in astral patterns on sea shores.

The small organisms produce light when stressed, like by the movement of the waves, the passing of a boat or other, leading to what looks like patches of stars.

The tiny organisms responsible for this magnificent event are certain species of dinoflagellates which are planktons. This type of dinoflagellates that produce bioluminescent lights reside in calm waters with calm winds which allow an unmixed and stratified water column.

If the environmental conditions of the area suit them well they began to populate the area and extremely fast given that they are not being eaten by the zooplankton. When it comes to a bloom, their growth rate needs to be faster than death rate by natural causes or grazing zooplankton.
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