Attracting Great White Sharks with Music

Humans may not be the only beings enjoy pop songs or heavy metal — sharks might appreciate the jams too. A group of filmmakers and divers succeeded in Attracting Great White Sharks with Music.

While filming the special Bride of Jaws, section of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, the movie team was looking for a 16-foot great white shark called Joan Of Shark. Matt Waller, operator of Australian dive company Adventure Bay Charters, recommended playing heavy metal melodies through a marine loudspeaker to be able to entice the shark to their spot. Significantly to the documentary team’s amazement, it succeeded. Even though they didn’t discover the massive they’d set out for, 2 huge great whites quickly shown up to examine the melodies of Darkest Hour, a metal music group out of Washington, D.C.

Waller developed this fascination method in 2011. Stories of melodies changing shark habits in Isla Guadalupe motivated him to install marine speakers to his shark crates, and he showed that he could entice sharks by playing classic hits. He additionally mentioned that the sharks acted in a different way while music was actively playing; they started to be more curious, sometimes stroking their faces against the loudspeaker.

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