An Unusual Octopus Technique to Catch Prey

In contrast to the majority of octopuses, which combat their victim with all 8 arms, a rediscovered exotic octopus gently taps its target on the shoulder and then startles it towards its arms.

“I’ve never witnessed something like it,” states Roy Caldwell , instructor of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley. “Octopuses usually jump on their victim or poke around in openings until they discover anything.

“When this octopus spots a shrimp from a distance, it constricts itself and sneaks up, stretches an arm up and over the shrimp, reaches it on the far part, and either captures it or frightens it into its other arms.”

The animal, called the larger Pacific striped octopus, additionally happens to be one of the most sociable of known octopuses. Although most types are introverted, these have been observed in groupings of as much as 40 off the Pacific shorelines of Nicaragua and also Panama.