An Underwater Robot Can Search For Missing Black Boxes

The I-AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle for intervention) made by project Trident, along with researchers from Spain, Italy, Portugal as well as UK, fuses a potential to map and navigate sea floors with a complicated robotic arm.

‘It is based on a multipurpose system that incorporates a two-stage strategy,’ according to the project coordinator Prof Pedro Sanz of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón in Spain.

‘In the first stage, the system is released into water. It builds a visual map of the seabed by scanning the area of interest where the goal of the intervention is.

‘After this, the system rises to the surface and has to be told, before launching it back into the water system, which is the goal of the intervention and what do we want to do with it. In a second stage, the operation is executed.’