Amazing Images of Wrecks in Playa

There´s absolutely nothing quite like the excitement of diving a wreck for the very first time. Sinking, you look out downward, attempting to get the drift it. Initially, zero. Then a fading outline shows up, and for a second you´re puzzled as your eyes attempt to sort it out. After that the wreck dissolves into crystal clear scene as you come upon it.

In Playa Del Carmen, “Mama Viña” is an early shrimp vessel purposely sunk in 1995 for the amusement of scuba divers. At optimum 27 meters/90 feet depth, experience this dive site that is additionally filled with marine life!

Furthermore, we suggest a wreck in Puerto Morelos. The ruin is an equipped C-56 “Juan Escutia” given and drowned by the Mexican Navy in the year 2000. This site is 30 meters deep and is well-known for the wreck obviously but also because you may have the opportunity to observe numerous spotted eagle rays.

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