An Amazing Discovery by a Master Diver

Master SCUBA diver Annette Spaulding of Rockingham discovered a perplexing rock carving underneath the Connecticut River that she was looking for ever since 1979. This one is another Amazing Discovery by a Master Diver.

Spaulding had discovered guides to the petroglyph — showing a face and perhaps etched by local Americans — way back more than 200 years ago. She claimed that since the body of water was dammed in 1909, the historical object was now probably submerged.

After countless dives through the years, she lastly discovered the 6-inch petroglyph. She explained the instance of discovery.

Amazing Discovery by a Master Diver

“I was actually amazed. I was having low on air, it had been close to the end of my dive. And also, I began checking another whole spot, one more entire ledge of the region I have been looking for several years. And suddenly, right before my face as the silt calm for a second, I had this sole petroglyph gazing back at me. I could not believe it; I had been so thrilled.”

Spaulding got pictures and video clip showing the petroglyph. And she has informed the archaeologist’s office about the findings. She said that she has been known to her buddies as “Indiana Jones.”