About 30,000 Antiques to be Recovered from Sunken Ship

Over 30,000 pieces of certain antiques are anticipated to be restored from Nan’ao-1, an old merchant ship that sank almost 500 years ago from a coast of Guangdong Province.

Upon the summary of an underwater archaeological operation, around 10,000 pieces of recently restored antiques is going to be displayed in the Nan’ao Museum at Shantou, stated Huang Yingtao, the director of the museum.

The salvage procedure, which began in June, was cancelled because of the outcomes of typhoon Kai-Tak, which caused landfall in the coastal part of Guangdong at noon on a Friday.
Such routine of underwater archaeological work towards Nan’ao-1 will complete at the end of September, declared Cui Yong, leader of the group of archaeologists.

Archaeologists carrying out the underwater task will certainly determine the duration of the wreck right after the antiques are restored.

Archaeologists had already reclaimed over 20,000 antiques, consisting of porcelain and copper coins, not to mention spotted 25 cabins.