A Spectacular Diving Destination-Enchanted River

Among the cleanest pure body of water in the Philippines as well as the deepest. Gleaming with genuine crystal blue water. The enchanted river is definitely a spring arising from a subterranean origin and based on the tide, it possibly streams in the direction of the Philippine Sea or perhaps sea water entering the luxurious pool. A lightly saline water providing its color, scope, and sea creatures which make this wonder match to be an Enchanted River. Its depth and clarity make it a spectacular diving destination.

Its bluish distinct color is because of its depth with the water compounds taking in nearly all of the red and yellow wavelengths of the sun’s array giving up blue as the major color. And also, its bluish hue is at its optimum in the course of high tide once the flow is turned around making the prominent water source as originating from the salt water from the Philippine Sea.

If you haven’t seen this spectacular river, here are the stunning images of the Enchanted River.

enchanted river 1

enchanted river 2

enchanted river 3

enchanted river 4

enchanted river 5

Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

enchanted river 7