A Remora Attacking a Scuba Diver

Remoras are regarded as scary blood-sucking sea creatures that affix themselves to their host which is usually whales or even sharks, but how about SCUBA DIVERS? Have you seen a Remora Attacking a Scuba Diver?

Remoras are not really blood sucking leeches and normally do no injury to their hosts. Nevertheless, the thought of any of these guys really affixing to a scuba diver is quite weird.

Stranger stuff has occurred, but there were situations where a remora will make sure to adhere to a scuba diver as is observed in the video referenced below.

Facing a tenacious remora can be frightening for a diver and likely trigger panic or anxiety that can result in a hazardous outcome if not handled properly. If you meet a remora underwater, don’t panic. They don’t bite nor eat you. They just thought you are a whale or a shark and will try to attach to you. Just ignore them and continue with your dive plan.