A Model’s Intense Photoshoot with the Sharks

Armed with not a single thing, not even scuba diving gear, this model dived about 50ft into the Atlantic Ocean to go swimming with a shoal of the extremely harmful sharks on the planet. The Model’s Intense Photoshoot with the sharks is performed for a good cause.

Incredible pictures, captured by cinematographer and photography expert Shawn Heinrichs, displays Hannah grooving on the bottom part of the sea floor with the sharks floating around her. The entire procedure took 5 days to take and belongs to a looming documentary known as Tears Of A Mermaid, as well as the brief video to date launched was reworked while the squad were all still aboard the vessel.

‘All of the revolutionary short motion pictures and awesome pictures Shawn and I have produced have been geared toward motivating change and producing immediate action for ocean preservation,’ Hannah pointed out.

Hannah, who is able to hold her breath for about 2 minutes and go swimming to depth of 45 feet, is even observed relaxing her hand on the head of an enormous tiger shark and reaching their tails and also fins.

She underwent strenuous physical and emotional instruction to get ready for the episode, and at any time there have been 10-12 digital cameras filming her contacts with the sharks.

The gigantic marine animals appear resilient to her existence as she dances and also twirls on the bottom part of the sea. Check out the images below.

Model with sharks 2

Model with sharks 3

Model with sharks 4

Model with sharks 5

Model with sharks 6

Model with sharks 7

Model with sharks 8

Model with sharks 9

Model with sharks 10

Model with sharks 11

Model with sharks 12