A Diving Team Didn’t Expect to See this on their Trip

A group of scuba divers saved a swamp wallaby floating a kilometer from coast off Australia’s New South Wales coastal area.

However saving the anxious 30-kilogram male wallaby with extensive claws and an excellent tail confirmed much more difficult than anticipated.

The team were on a diving tour next to Coffs Harbour when the story of the “driftaway wallaby” started.

It had been the “weirdest event I have experienced in a long time”, stated Laura Sanchez Peregrin, a marine researcher from Barcelona, Spain, who happens to be training in Australia.

Sanchez Peregrin, Jesse Madden along with the boat’s operator Ian Shaw were going to their dive site when they noticed a thing in the water that they initially thought was a seal or perhaps a huge kangaroo.

They discovered it was a big swamp wallaby.

“We spotted this furry thing just suspended around,” Sanchez Peregrin stated.

“The poor thing was exhausted. It was a hot day so who could blame him for wanting to refresh himself! But he was way, way out,” she wrote on social media. When the group tried to rescue the wallaby, which they nicknamed “Swampy”, it proved more difficult than first thought. They then decided to make a second attempt. They hatched a plan to turn the wallaby upside down so its legs were sticking out of the water.

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(Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz)